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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting caught up on my blogging! Tonight we went to our 4h meeting. What a great group! There are three moms with 4 to 5 children each, all home school. Deanna loves it, which I suppose is important. She saw a giant Flemish rabbit at Shelley's house, the rabbit is bigger than my dog, now she wants one of them. I will probably get one, just for a conversation piece!
They are rewriting Little House On the Prairie for the fair. They will dress in time period clothing, which they have to make,(Amber I will be borrowing your outfit!) and perform the play at the fair. The main theme of the play will be a social gathering, where they will recite the poetry that each child has written. Deanna has to sew three pieces of clothing, and that she has already decided without any help from me! When her articles are done I will be sure to post.
I cannot wait for school to be over so homeschooling can begin. Deanna and I will be taking a trip around the world, learn how people live, what they eat and make it and learn a little of the language. We will try to see what is was like to live in the 1800's, NO TV OR COMPUTER, and just goof off. It will be great to get off the beaten path. I think we will be visiting a lot of cows in Vermont. We have already been invited to go spend some time at a miniature horse farm, and a farm up in Wolfeboro. She would never learn all of this in school. I am not sure if we will be considered unschoolers, relaxed schoolers or just nuts!
What I made this weekend for the chicken swap. Fantastic recipes that I found. Unfortunately I only sold 4 things, but it was a chicken swap!!

Whole grain breads, strawberry pies, and blueberry. They were good I ate some!!

I think she is naming him Domino. Her fair exibit for August..... He is so cute!

SPRING IS HERE!!! Even though it is still chilly at night and frost on the windshield in the morning, this is what I see in the yard during the day. Isn't that spider web amazing?