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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Little Monster

Almost forgot to update. A while ago back in March I posted a pic of Magic and a squirrel Little Monster. Well Little Monster almost came to an end! He has been tormenting the cat for months, and Magic had himself consealed so wonderfully I didn't even see him. I was sitting here at the computer, when all of a sudden this bang and high pitched squealing that was horrific began. I could see that magic was on an attack mission and I couldn't get involved, because I was laughing so hard. The squirrel scared the cat who ran in the other direction, and the squirrel sat on the tree branch as if shaking his finger at the cat chastising him for his behavior. It was right out of a Chip and Dale cartoon. The only thing I couldn't see was whether or not he was tapping his foot at the same time.

TT Miniature Horse Farm

We went to Tiny Tails in Gilmanton IWs for farm day today. We were there from 9 to 5. I brought a bunch of baked goods and it was a success. I am so mad at myself for forgetting to recharge the batteries in my camera. The pictures would have been fantastic. I am meeting some wonderful people that are so very helpful and intelligent, it makes what I am doing all continue to make sense. I was starting to think I was crazy for the way I am living and raising my last child. But after all is said and done, it is only making my convictions for this lifestyle even stronger. My daughter and grandaughter have been having an amazing time. They are learning so much, and have been really sucking it all up like a dry sponge. My future sits within them and they may be the ones to develop some new way of farming! So we will be getting our goats very soon and I met someone today whom I will be getting my registered breeding stock from. Goating will be my thing now until I can't do it anymore! I have always wanted goats and now I will succeed. I was also contacted about a working farm that someone wants me to rent. I will go look at it tomorrow. The girls are excited, but don't want to leave what we have here all of the turtles, geese, frogs, great blue herons. But if I can paint a picture of what they could have if the place is really nice, with horses etc. maybe they will go peacefully! And yes Bella is never leaving, apparently someone told her they were taking her far away from me and she has herself in a panic. She has been with me now for over a month and I love every second of it. Moth on the computer screen, an awful lot of bugs this year... Well I am exhausted from a very busy couple of days, going to go cuddle in the middle of the babies and enjoy the long weekend. I am however beginning to relish in the idea of school ending very soon, and relaxing. It is long overdue for us all. Well goodnight to everyone.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today is next years surprises.......

one little painted turtle hard at work in the front yard.........

Monday, May 24, 2010

Aren't these pictures adorable.

These two bunnies are so wonderful. They are just like kittens, they even poop in a box ! But what is the greatest about that is it goes in my garden and it doesn't smell!

Bella is trying

to make butter before school. This is raw milk from my friends farm in Tuftonboro. The girls have a blast there, there is everything brand new just born.

Population explosion in my back yard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aren't they cute.... and now the turtles are back. The snappers should be back in a couple of weeks. Wait until you see those.

Bella's new babies................

This is Bella's second bunny. Her name is Mrs. Nibbles, yes the girls married their bunnies. They should be the proud grandparents to a few bunnies in a little while. They need to make some money to pay for all these animals they want. The goats are next and we have a golden retriever coming in August I think!!

This is Bella's first new bunny we got last Saturday, his name is Oreo. Sweet bunny.
Well today is definitely a hot one. The season started so early I feel like it is already the middle of July. I came in this afternoon to one of my comfrey plants all seperated in the middle from the heat. It is already about 6 feet tall, so I will now have to go harvest it. I will dry the leaves and get them ready for the up coming farmers' markets. surprisingly lots of people make comfrey tea. Northwood starts this Thursday and Farmington up at Cardinal's next Saturday. This Saturday I am going to farm day at The Miniature Horse Farm in Gilmanton Iron Works. All sorts of vendors and exciting things to do. So now i am going to venture back out into the heat! And I bought a winter meal to cook tonight. I guess I didn't believe it was going to be this hot. Oh well the baby will eat it all anyhow, she loves my cooking.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Deanna caught this in the backyard out of the river in one swipe. My neighbor was amazed. The frog just layed there as if to say"you don't dare catch me." I don't think the picture does it justice he is huge. She kept him for a few minutes and released him. He is probably the big croaker we hear everynight.
This is the frog she won the fair tickets from NH.COM. You need to love being a kid!

Deanna's newest baby as of a few weeks ago. He is 11 week old Rex mix. He is the most loveable and enjoyable bunny. He does just that to, lays there and hangs. We have decided finally on a name and it is Mr. Nibbles.