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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Almost done I promise!

 I love my lights in the woodstove.

More to the Christmas decorating

 Just got all the lights on. Because I didn't want a tree inside this year all of my white lights are outside, so we put colored ones on and the baby is thrilled!
 Almost finished, I just need to put on a few more red bows. And tonight I think we will string popcorn, or do I really want to.
 Deanna grabbed the camera.
 The tree topper, she is perched on lower branches and her head is squished against the ceiling!

 The baby's new ornament. It lights up with a blue hue. Very pretty
 I have a few of these, were my grandmother's from the 50's. Maybe earlier
 ok so this is what I did with those pinecones. Glued them on to my shower hooks! Snowmen on the shelf!
 The start of the snowman collection in the guest bathroom
 And my lonely moose in the laundryroom!
Now I am going to go sleep in the greenhouse because their is no room in the house!!

Corgi Cottage Soup

I love this soup although this time I did add chicory and mushrooms. My roll looks like an orange!! I don't know how many bowls the baby ate. But I had noticed a slew of tablespoons in the sink, she kept taking bites out of the pot through the night!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Must go to this site and listen to her songs on her music page. Wonderful woman and fantastic music. Buy it if you can.


Spinach Pie that I made for lunch today. I have been promising the baby this for two weeks now. I know it is Christmas and all, but has anyone started planning for their gardens? That is all I keep thinking about. Probably to keep my mind off of everything else. I am becoming a great fan of just floating through everyday without a care in the world. Now for that cup of coffee I have been making for two hours.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The start of the big Christmas takeover

Side board in the kitchen taken over by snowmen

the spoiled pooch Beatrix
Tree on one of the back decks
Our line of trusted visitors that come until ice in. We wonder if any of them are ours.
My favorite prim tree in my bathroom

My bedroom, even decorated the bed!
My daughters bedroom
The other side of my bathroom. Everyone thinks my Santa and canoe is ugly.And below are one of the three decks. December 14th and still no snow!!