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Sunday, June 27, 2010

What I am suppose to be doing!!

This blog was suppose to be about all of my business ventures and my gardening. I haven't posted anything on either. Everyone can check me out at the and on facebook Penacook Village Farmers Market. I haven't learned the site address as of yet! Farmington has a site also, Puddledock Farmers Market, but we don't have much on there. So hopefully I won't be so consumed by my birds, and will start dedicating some time to what I do. I need to post pics of the skirts I made, which ended up going to Bella! But winter is around the corner so I am going to start making the winter pj's and the period under garments for girls. I love those bloomers!


Today was just one of those days. Sarah is almost finished the big move and I am getting one kid and two grandkids back. It will be fun, especially Anthony the little stinker.
The female Pekin duck sounded her first real quack and we were laughing so hard. They are all growing so fast. Definitely don't like to hear dogs bark here at 2:25 in the morning. Not a good thing. I thought I saw a bear cub at dusk last night around the corner from my house. It took off to fast to actually be sure. Well back to the ducks, they are getting so big. My small teen chickens are turning out to be beautiful americaunas and the peanut ones are growing wonderfully. The turkeys absolutely need a pen. I have them running loose in my greenhouse and all they do is chase your feet so I will be wearing my hiking boots tomorrow when I deal with them! The eggs are doing great! I candled a bunch tonight and you can now see the pronounced blood vessels and see them moving in the shell. I only have a few days left so I hope I continue to do the correct procedures. I can't wait to start seeing them hatch. July 2nd is the big day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Forever Growing!

Today was a nutty day. Went to go look at a house in Warner, great house, g-r-e-a-t piece of property, loved his chickens. Just my kind of place, floors make you feel like you have been drinking, they are all down hill! It is a place that is screaming my name, a paint me and paper me project! Perfect for the baby and me. It even has a big giant rock in the back yard like the one we had when I was a kid. While we were downstairs I asked him because of past experiences and laundry baskets on my head,"are there any bats in the house?" He instantly answered no,and so we ventured up the stairs and as we entered the main bedroom there were the slanted walls with scurrying across them!! FLASHBACKS.... Squirrels,so a great deal of contemplating will go into this. Maybe I will just live in the garage!!
My new market was great and I sold out in 45 minutes!! Can't wait until next week. This week is Northwood's Open House Market. There will be all sorts of stuff there for everyone. I will be making small Raspberry cakes, Strawberry pies,scones,breads and plenty of cookies. I am going to try the 3D ones, and dragonflies I think. I am going to make some baked beans if I can pick up some containers. Oh yes and my Key Lime cupcakes which seem to be a giant hit!
All of my birds are doing good and if I have two seconds tomorrow we will candle all of them and see what is growing. Maybe pictures. I set the baby ducks and chickens outdoors. The chickens ran back inside, the ducks however jumped in the pool and thought they were in heaven. It was so much fum watching them.

Life on a Southern Farm: HenPals 3 Hole Chicken Nesting Box Giveaway

Life on a Southern Farm: HenPals 3 Hole Chicken Nesting Box Giveaway

Monday, June 21, 2010

Another chicken day

It is getting exciting! We candled a couple of eggs and saw the black speck which means a chicken is growing. So there are 14 days to go. I hope they hatch.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chicken turning

Turned chickens twice today, next time will be at 11pm. Sorry no pictures yet, batteries are dead in camera. But that is my luck! Maybe they will be charged at 11. Not much happened today, had UNH ext. come out to the farm to tell me what I had to do for goats. Property isn't big enough for full size, so sticking with the dwarfs. Deanna wanted Toggens but we need a bigger place. So guess what I am going to be doing. Lookin!! Anything for the child, she is the future farmer. Maybe farther up North where there may be like minded individuals. Who knows but I am definitely following Emerson's quote and paving my own way.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hatching chickens

Well we made it through the night without any troubles, turned them at 7 am. W e will turn them again at 3 pm and that is when I will take pics or probably shoot a video. Running this a.m. Need to get ready for our inspection tomorrow for our goats. Hopefully everything goes well and we will have two cuties soon.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The new additions

I just went and picked up two Andalusian chicks, one is a splash and one is a blue. Then I picked up 27 eggs of different variety to hatch in the incubator at home. It will be our 4h project, then we will hatch more for the Belknap Fair. So starting tomorrow follow me and Deanna on our 21 day journey to see what surprises we will find, 27 I hope. It is our first try at this so if anyone out there has any healthy tips feel free to comment. I picked up the chicks and eggs from MerryMeeting Gardens in New Durham. Amanda the owner is a great wonderful woman who has the most beautiful chickens, chicks, pheasants and doves and one gorgeous lab. Well off to relax, see you all tomorrow.

Carly Simon - With A Few Good Friends

Great day to watch this movie, make a potroast and sing the songs. So ok I'll do the singing and the kids will laugh!

Just to catch up

Yesterday I had my Farmington Farmers Market and despite the rain, I did sell a few things. One of these markets the sun needs to shine! On June 24th we have a big event going on for Northwood Farmers Market, an Open House. There will be events as well as some one day crafters and all of the fantastic regular vendors. I need to make some soup bowls for the Soup Guys soups, bring some extra cash because I will probably be the best customer. My friend Kate makes some great soaps and beautiful jewelry. Most are one of a kind creations. Amelia Maes will be hosting a one time take out of BBQ chicken to promote her BBQ sauce that is delicious. Well her pepper jelly is actually the best I have tried so far. Much better than the big named companies. Can't wait until she makes it big. I of course will have my Italian breads, shortcakes, cookies the norm. But I am working on a line of gluten free and hope to have that selling for open house. I will also be selling bake your own products and hope to have my dry soup line going then too. But I am going to have a special cookie that I hope all the kids will like. Busy busy no rest for the wicked! I just realized that I did not post a pic of my little turkeys.
Everybody have a great Sunday and do a sun dance we can't have another wet summer.

Some new additions

Our month old chicks. They are goofy looking right now. They are getting their regular feathers, but still have their fluff.
My mallards and pekins. Aren't they just adorable? We have some Indian runners coming in July. Can't wait for those, they are the funniest looking ducks. But a friend of mine told me they have great eggs.

I just picked these lovelies up on Friday. Nothing I love more than baby birds. Then as the saying goes they give us the perfect egg!