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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Forever Growing!

Today was a nutty day. Went to go look at a house in Warner, great house, g-r-e-a-t piece of property, loved his chickens. Just my kind of place, floors make you feel like you have been drinking, they are all down hill! It is a place that is screaming my name, a paint me and paper me project! Perfect for the baby and me. It even has a big giant rock in the back yard like the one we had when I was a kid. While we were downstairs I asked him because of past experiences and laundry baskets on my head,"are there any bats in the house?" He instantly answered no,and so we ventured up the stairs and as we entered the main bedroom there were the slanted walls with scurrying across them!! FLASHBACKS.... Squirrels,so a great deal of contemplating will go into this. Maybe I will just live in the garage!!
My new market was great and I sold out in 45 minutes!! Can't wait until next week. This week is Northwood's Open House Market. There will be all sorts of stuff there for everyone. I will be making small Raspberry cakes, Strawberry pies,scones,breads and plenty of cookies. I am going to try the 3D ones, and dragonflies I think. I am going to make some baked beans if I can pick up some containers. Oh yes and my Key Lime cupcakes which seem to be a giant hit!
All of my birds are doing good and if I have two seconds tomorrow we will candle all of them and see what is growing. Maybe pictures. I set the baby ducks and chickens outdoors. The chickens ran back inside, the ducks however jumped in the pool and thought they were in heaven. It was so much fum watching them.

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  1. The house sounds wonderful. I can picture it with the way you described it in detail. I do like warner too.
    Congrats on selling out!