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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I finally

went through that pile of papers in the middle of my living room. It went from 10 piles down to 3! Unfortunately it is now back in my bedroom! But I found some great ideas I use to jot down. So Amber were there any checks in that pile of mail? I forgot to look!! Well I am cutting it short tonight good Lifetime movie coming on LMN, that Amish one about those little girls that were killed. The sister from According to Jim is one of the mothers, and it looks really good. So good night everyone. All day at the dr.'s office tomorrow, back and eyes. The woodstove made it to hot in here!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Not much happened today, actually nothing. Woke up early with the intent on being super woman. Well as the story goes my shoulder was bothering me and I took advil. At 2:00 I was snoring. Does anyone else fall asleep from ibuprofen? It always does that to me, but I did get three hours sleep however.
So I found someone that I can get goats from without spending 500.00 a piece . I wanted Nubians but the baby likes the Toggenburgs so that is what we will get. They will be born sometime in April so the end of June we should bring them home. This woman has 4 h dairy goats and I hope to learn a lot from her. So this time next year I won't be buying milk anymore either.
It was pretty chilly out today and there was a thin layer of ice on some of the water where it was still.
I am now going to go make a batch of dog bones for Beatrix. She is out and letting me know!

Well it is now

a new day. I didn't do what I wanted to do today, all I thought about was greasy hamburgers! Went to Bella's play, and it was adorable. But still trying to figure it out! I am into this blogging now it is just like keeping a journal. What I like is as long as computers are around great great (and so on) kids are going to know who there families are. No more, it is all right here. So start keeping one if not for just that reason alone. Well I am hoping tomorrow is much warmer so I can go outside. Although my house is should I say crawling!! I need to clean, BUT I don't want to at all.
Can't wait for summer to eat fresh veggies, hurry up. The smell of warm, can you smell it? And what is funny is when fall starts kicking around we all take a deep breathe to take in the smell of burning woodstoves! And then I can't wait for snow.
The Untouchables are on, so off to bed I go. It is 12:21 am. I need to figure out how to fix the post time on this blog.
Don't forget go check out my new web page. I am just getting it up and going. Most important was setting the music to the different pages!! WWW.SQUASHBLOSSOMFARM.WEBS.COM . Sign my guest book!! This is all so nuts isn't it.
Oh and just to let everyone know, we turned down the store unless a couple of things change. We will keep looking and we'll have one soon.
Because my brakes went on my car Monday I forgot to mail out ma's gift damn it. It just dawned on me. Alison remind me will ya. I am sending her something she will flip over!
Good Night Everyone


Our last big snow storm

Friday, March 26, 2010



MMMMMM..... A little monster yummy!

A Little Monster

This little devil knocked over onto the deck a full big bird feeder of sunflower seeds. But he is enjoying them! Can you see his hands, they are full!!
OK so I didn't get to the greenhouse and plant. Just to darn chilly and I just had to stop and eat my arugula salad, I put on to many red onions, don't stand to close! Now it is time to go get the baby. She doesn't get out of school until 2:47, but I sit first in line in the hot sun through the car window and read. Just finished Beloved excellent book and now reading Wicked and wicked it is. No one under the age of thirty should read it. But I can't put it down and who new Galinda was so wicked and poor Elphaba the sweet wicked witch. Her mother was sure a nasty sort!! It is great and Pride and Prejudice has gone on the back burner, so much for the big read!! Well out the door I go. Tonight is Bella's play.


I am new at this so please bare with me. It will be fun to see how it all progresses. Where is the sun? Even the chickens are a little confused, last week it was in the 60's, today we are lucky if it is 30. But that is life in New England.
Today is rainy and cold but I need to get into the greenhouse and start setting the seeds. I will get the lettuce,spinach,broccoli and other cold weather crops going. Peas go in the ground in two weeks.
Farmers Markets start in a couple of months. That is a great time of year.This weekend my daughter and I will be going to some Maple syrup farms. It is Maple Syrup weekend. As long as we don't take it all home. I know we will come back with something, looking for a goat!