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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well it is now

a new day. I didn't do what I wanted to do today, all I thought about was greasy hamburgers! Went to Bella's play, and it was adorable. But still trying to figure it out! I am into this blogging now it is just like keeping a journal. What I like is as long as computers are around great great (and so on) kids are going to know who there families are. No more, it is all right here. So start keeping one if not for just that reason alone. Well I am hoping tomorrow is much warmer so I can go outside. Although my house is should I say crawling!! I need to clean, BUT I don't want to at all.
Can't wait for summer to eat fresh veggies, hurry up. The smell of warm, can you smell it? And what is funny is when fall starts kicking around we all take a deep breathe to take in the smell of burning woodstoves! And then I can't wait for snow.
The Untouchables are on, so off to bed I go. It is 12:21 am. I need to figure out how to fix the post time on this blog.
Don't forget go check out my new web page. I am just getting it up and going. Most important was setting the music to the different pages!! WWW.SQUASHBLOSSOMFARM.WEBS.COM . Sign my guest book!! This is all so nuts isn't it.
Oh and just to let everyone know, we turned down the store unless a couple of things change. We will keep looking and we'll have one soon.
Because my brakes went on my car Monday I forgot to mail out ma's gift damn it. It just dawned on me. Alison remind me will ya. I am sending her something she will flip over!
Good Night Everyone

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