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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Not much happened today, actually nothing. Woke up early with the intent on being super woman. Well as the story goes my shoulder was bothering me and I took advil. At 2:00 I was snoring. Does anyone else fall asleep from ibuprofen? It always does that to me, but I did get three hours sleep however.
So I found someone that I can get goats from without spending 500.00 a piece . I wanted Nubians but the baby likes the Toggenburgs so that is what we will get. They will be born sometime in April so the end of June we should bring them home. This woman has 4 h dairy goats and I hope to learn a lot from her. So this time next year I won't be buying milk anymore either.
It was pretty chilly out today and there was a thin layer of ice on some of the water where it was still.
I am now going to go make a batch of dog bones for Beatrix. She is out and letting me know!

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