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Friday, March 26, 2010

OK so I didn't get to the greenhouse and plant. Just to darn chilly and I just had to stop and eat my arugula salad, I put on to many red onions, don't stand to close! Now it is time to go get the baby. She doesn't get out of school until 2:47, but I sit first in line in the hot sun through the car window and read. Just finished Beloved excellent book and now reading Wicked and wicked it is. No one under the age of thirty should read it. But I can't put it down and who new Galinda was so wicked and poor Elphaba the sweet wicked witch. Her mother was sure a nasty sort!! It is great and Pride and Prejudice has gone on the back burner, so much for the big read!! Well out the door I go. Tonight is Bella's play.

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