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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just to catch up

Yesterday I had my Farmington Farmers Market and despite the rain, I did sell a few things. One of these markets the sun needs to shine! On June 24th we have a big event going on for Northwood Farmers Market, an Open House. There will be events as well as some one day crafters and all of the fantastic regular vendors. I need to make some soup bowls for the Soup Guys soups, bring some extra cash because I will probably be the best customer. My friend Kate makes some great soaps and beautiful jewelry. Most are one of a kind creations. Amelia Maes will be hosting a one time take out of BBQ chicken to promote her BBQ sauce that is delicious. Well her pepper jelly is actually the best I have tried so far. Much better than the big named companies. Can't wait until she makes it big. I of course will have my Italian breads, shortcakes, cookies the norm. But I am working on a line of gluten free and hope to have that selling for open house. I will also be selling bake your own products and hope to have my dry soup line going then too. But I am going to have a special cookie that I hope all the kids will like. Busy busy no rest for the wicked! I just realized that I did not post a pic of my little turkeys.
Everybody have a great Sunday and do a sun dance we can't have another wet summer.

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