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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Little Monster

Almost forgot to update. A while ago back in March I posted a pic of Magic and a squirrel Little Monster. Well Little Monster almost came to an end! He has been tormenting the cat for months, and Magic had himself consealed so wonderfully I didn't even see him. I was sitting here at the computer, when all of a sudden this bang and high pitched squealing that was horrific began. I could see that magic was on an attack mission and I couldn't get involved, because I was laughing so hard. The squirrel scared the cat who ran in the other direction, and the squirrel sat on the tree branch as if shaking his finger at the cat chastising him for his behavior. It was right out of a Chip and Dale cartoon. The only thing I couldn't see was whether or not he was tapping his foot at the same time.


  1. Just stopping by to say thank you for visiting/following my blog! The pictures of the rabbits and children are adorable! I bet the squirrel and your cat was a funny sight to see. Squirrels, we have them and one of our livestock guardian dogs hates them. I don't know why, but he won't let them touch the ground in his pasture. I just hope he doesn't get so wrapped up in protecting us from those vicious squirrels that he forgets about the coyotes and bobcats! LOL.

  2. HAHA A video would be great!

  3. If only we understand their language.... But life will a lot simpler if we dont! haha.. ~bangchik