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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Today starts a brand new year. My daughter and I started the New Year off volunteering at the local food pantry. She really enjoys helping out and I think it will always be a part of her life, in all actuality it is what makes the world go round everyday. So I know I am suppose to make all sorts of resolutions, but we all know in a week they are finished and put away until the next year in oh maybe a week. So this year I am going to instill in myself to continue on my crazy journey to living as frugally as possible, not keeping up with the Jones, because we all know what happens when the cash dries up, the Jones don't wave to you anymore and living more in the dirt than I ever have. Deanna is going to be 11 this year and if I don't make even more of an effort to keep her plugging away right along with me, I will lose her to the garbage of what is all around her. We will learn values this year. Happy New Year everyone and let me know what you are all doing on your farms, in your shops or at your kitchen tables.


  1. Happy new year from Massachusetts! Just found your blog!

    I have a 12 yr old son decided to try high school this year..first time ever for school!

    happy day!

  2. Happy New year from Vermont!!
    Glad you survived the snowstorm.
    We got 20 inches.

    I raise beef cattle and am a disaster in the kitchen.

    Come visit the herd: