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Monday, January 17, 2011

A moment that may change my life forever

        Today, the baby and I went to a quaint NH town to look at a house. A 30 acre historic farmhouse, with lots of animals. At the moment it is not a working farm, and how I wish I could turn it into one. But me and a 10 year old just can't do it by ourselves. When I think of my friends and all of the equipment and the help they have, reality hits. The main house is 4+ bedrooms minimum and it just goes on and on. Then it has a great little house attached where I can see myself growing old peacefully, while the kids live in the main house and run the farm.
         The house itself is very very old. The main house 1865 and the little house 1760  need extensive work. The main house bedrooms don't have heat, nor any vents for heat to rise. So help from my followers, do I fall in love with a farmer or a carpenter/electrician etc. etc. At my age I don't think I will find either. Summers at the house would be a dream in itself, maybe, who knows I will work at it.


  1. Hello and Thank you for your comment on our blog today! I awswered you there, the queastion about the dogs.

    The place you looked at sounds wonderful on one hand and a LOT of work on the other.

    Our farmhouse is 101 yrs old and it didn't have central heat, unfortunately even though we heat entirely with wood heat, our insurance comapny would NOT insure against frozen pipes, unless we put in a central heat system. Since we move in, in Dec. that limited us, so we chose natural gas central heat and retro fit it to our farmhouse. The insurance company is happy and we keep the thermostat set at 50F, so it's only run 6-7 times in the 8 yrs we've lived here*wink*

    Hope to get to know you better, your blog is great, we'll have to take a look see in the evening when things slow down a bit!

    Blessings for your week,

  2. What town is the house in?
    I live in a 160 year old house (1848)
    Cut a hole in the floor for the heat to rise.
    Many nice ways to do this, I have seen this method in 8 older Vermont homes to date.
    Never give up on your dreams.
    It always works out. Think positive.
    The cows and I send our best thoughts your way.

  3. Wow, what great dreams you have. I'm wondering how this turned out. All the best.